"Every woman should have access to this practice and physician."

Dr. Lisa Weinstock has been a breast imaging specialist since completing her fellowship

in Breast Imaging at Columbia Presbyterian University Medical Center in 1995.


We have thousands of satisfied patients. Take a look at just a few of their testimonials below!

“I can't speak highly enough of the wonderful, compassionate care I received from Dr. Weinstock. She diagnosed my breast (cancer) during a routine ultrasound and follow-up biopsy. Her caution and diligence caught it at stage 1. She guided me through the entire process that followed, always making herself available to answer my questions. Her help was amazing and I'm so appreciative that I was treated as a person and not just another faceless patient. She's a unique doctor in so many ways.”

— Lynn D., New Jersey

“Thank you all very much for taking such good care of me. I know that I am in great hands and in a year or so my cancer will be just a memory – But I will never forget the outstanding care I received from all of you.”

— Colleen B., Mahwah, New Jersey

“Your office and staff are all very gentle and kind! It makes a big difference knowing when I return, I will be treated with a professionalism and respect that is key in lowering anxiety. Thank you for creating a place like Women’s Digital Imaging.”

— Jane W., Tenafly, New Jersey

“I learned about Dr. Weinstock, and my world changed. Not only did she IMMEDIATELY assure me that all was FINE, she served me tea as well! The staff was also amazing. No more waiting by the phone for test results! You can be sure that Dr. Weinstock will be doing all of my mammograms from now on. I plan on telling all of my friends about her.”

— Jill C., New City, New York

“I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and generosity of heart that you displayed towards me. You are extraordinary and so is your practice and your staff.”

— Susanne W., Hackensack, New Jersey

"I had always been nervous while awaiting the results of mammograms and/or ultrasounds. This fear was conquered when I was advised by my gynecologist to use WDI. Dr. Weinstock is at the helm of the office, which is beautifully decorated and oh-so-pleasant to be in. Her expertise and hands-on approach with her patients, putting them at ease, makes this so pleasant and helps to erase the fear of awaiting a diagnosis. I now look forward to these visits!"


– J.K., November 2013

“I came to see Dr. Lisa Weinstock for a second opinion about suspicious microcalcifications in my left breast, being just 39 years old. After the stereotactic biopsy I was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer, DCIS. Dr. Lisa Weinstock performed a BSGI test before my surgery just to confirm that there were no more suspicious abnormalities in the breast before the surgery.

“After my first surgery I came to see Dr. Weinstock to do another mammogram to make sure that there were no more calcifications left, but she found some additional calcifications which were later removed. I just had my 6 months check up and Dr. Lisa Weinstock told me that everything appears to be normal.

“Dr. Weinstock has been there for me during my very difficult time, giving me confidence and advice, including very useful referrals. When I speak to Dr. Weinstock I feel that I am not just another folder, I feel that I am a human being with a problem and that she actually cares about it. I hope that I will see Dr. Lisa Weinstock every year for many, many years!”

— Alla K, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

“Women's Digital Imaging has a different feeling from other places. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The staff immediately makes you feel at ease and relaxed. Dr. Weinstock is the most compassionate, caring physician. She really knows her profession and follows up to see how you're doing. She helps with referrals if you have to see another physician. Dr. Weinstock goes the extra mile to make sure you're getting the care you need.”

— G.G.

“There were 10-20 other patients in the room all wearing bathrobes, waiting and wondering, worrying and comparing notes. It was all too much to handle.

“I was so grateful when my OBGYN recommended Dr. Weinstock to me. I was thrilled to hear of a solo radiologist who took the worry out of a yearly mammogram.

“From the moment I walked in the office, it felt warm and inviting. I wasn't afraid. I almost felt calm and relaxed. It has such a human touch with the lovely and professional staff who offer both compassion and kindness. I don't feel like a number but rather a patient who means something to Dr. Weinstock and her associates. When I walk in, everyone greets me by my first name even before looking at my chart to see who I am.

“Dr. Weinstock is re-assuring and thorough. It is wonderful to have the report read while I am waiting. I feel as though I am educated about my choices for follow-ups and precautions. I am grateful to have found such a wonderful place to take such an unnerving test. I know I will always be in the best hands each year when I go back for my annual mammo.”

— S.W.

“I first met Dr. Weinstock when I went for a check up to my gynecologist whose office is next door to Women's Digital Imaging. He paged her and she came in to do an ultrasound. I've been going to WDI ever since. Dr. Weinstock is professional, yet caring. She understands how stressful the exam is. She stays by your side and is very comforting. WDI has a very calming environment and everyone there tries to make you as comfortable as possible.”

— S.S.

“I went to Women's Digital Imaging to have a mammogram and other prescribed tests. These tests were conducted smoothly and painlessly. Dr. Weinstock oversaw and consulted on all procedures. The results showed a condition that required treatment and Dr. Weinstock was very insistent that I get it. Without her positive encouragement, I doubt that I would have gotten the help I needed in as timely a fashion. As a result, I have fully recovered. I have great confidence in Dr. Weinstock and her very capable staff.”

— M.Z.

"When my younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was told to get a mammogram and an ultrasound. Lucky for me, as you will see, there was a six-month wait at Memorial-Sloan Kettering in NYC so I made an appointment with Dr. Lisa Weinstock at Women's Digital Imaging of Ridgewood. Dr. Weinstock saw something "tiny, tiny, tiny" and did a fine needle aspiration immediately. The report came back "suspicious."

“Dr. Weinstock advised me to see a breast surgeon and get an MRI. I went to a breast surgeon who told me there was an 80% chance it was not cancer but he would take it out in a simple outpatient procedure. He thought an MRI was unnecessary but I insisted. Eight days after my lumpectomy/open biopsy, I still did not have the pathology report. Dr. Weinstock rattled the cages hard enough to have someone call - and tell me I had cancer. Dr. Weinstock also told me to have the MRI reread. It showed several areas similar to the malignant one.

“After consulting with the surgeon, who said I had the smallest cancer he had ever seen detected, I decided to have a double mastectomy. Now I can eliminate the worry of breast cancer from my life.”

— K.V.S.

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2010 - present

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