Breast Density

What is the current consensus on how to screen women with dense breasts? There isn't one. I was interviewed about my approach byRadiology Today Magazine for an article on what radiologists are suggesting to patients with dense breasts:

For her practice, Women's Digital Imaging in Ridgewood, New Jersey, founder Lisa Weinstock, MD, has used low-dose tomosynthesis for breast screening for a year, and finds the technology quite useful in finding cancers. That aside, she calls herself a "big advocate" of ultrasound. In fact, her protocol calls for women with dense breasts to undergo yearly mammograms with ultrasound scheduled for six months after the mammogram in order to catch the more aggressive interval cancers.

"That serves as a checkpoint for screening between mammograms," she says. "Patients would rather split up their mammogram and ultrasound and come in two times a year instead of putting all their eggs in one basket once a year."

Weinstock does incorporate MRI and molecular imaging (breast-specific gamma imaging) for high-risk patients. The low-risk patients with dense tissue receive ultrasound. Her practice includes both handheld ultrasound and ABUS. Weinstock says she makes a determination on which modality to use dependent on the patient. With a private practice such as hers, she can make that decision, due to her smaller volume of patients.

"My goal is to give patients an individual workup based on risk assessment and breast density, and due to our low volume, we are able to expedite their results," she says.

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