Make a Road Map to Fitness in 2013

December 17, 2015

Set your Health GPS with DEXA Total Body Composition Analysis: Make a Road Map to Fitness in 2013



You know how your clothes fit. You know what the mirror and scale tell you. So why should you get a DEXA Total Body Composition Analysis exam?



Looks and health are not synonymous. You may be aware of the need to lose pounds but you don’t know exactly where that excess fat is lurking. Or, you may think you have an ideal weight – but if you don’t have muscle mass, you could be at the same cardiac risk as a severely overweight woman.


A DEXA Total Body Composition Analysis exam measures the ratio of fat to muscle and tells you exactly where the trouble spots are. It’s like a GPS for your health. You have to know where you are to map where you want to go. We should all set our health GPS to take us to looking good, feeling good and actually being in good health. With the results of a DEXA Total Body Composition exam you, your personal trainer and/or nutritionist can design a plan to get you there.


A DEXA Total Body Composition Analysis exam is more accurate than any other measure including the scale, calipers and Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI only looks at height and weight with no reference to muscle. TKL Research, a medical research firm investigating a protein supplement, is using DEXA at WDI for participants at the beginning and conclusion of their study as they need the most accurate measure.


DEXA Total Body Composition Analysis is quick and painless. Using software for our bone densitometry technology, you lay down on a table and an overhead scanner slowly moves down the length of your body. You get a print-out explaining the results.


Set your health GPS with a DEXA Total Body Composition Analysis Exam and make a road map to fitness in 2013. Call WDI for an appointment at 201-444-4484.

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