Women’s Diagnostic Imaging screens all mammography patients with Low-Dose 3D Mammography with C-View (Digital Breast Tomosynthesis), with added C-View 2D imaging software. Tomosynthesis takes of the breast in slices, one millimeter at a time, and gives enhanced views of breast tissue.


We are the only facility in Bergen County with added C-View imaging software, which combines the Tomosynthesis and standard 2D images in one exam, lowering the radiation and time spent in compression.


Ultrasound is used to screen for several conditions and provide supplemental imaging for Mammography patients, especially women with dense breast tissue.


We perform fine needle aspiration biopsies (Ultrasound Guided) and stereotactic biopsies (Mammography Guided) in our office.


In May 2009 we began imaging select patients with Molecular Imaging - Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI). BSGI is comparable to MRI in finding early breast. It has fewer false positives and costs about one-third the price. It is more comfortable than MRI for patients as they remain seated during the exam and experience only minimal compression of the breast. We recommend BSGI to selected patients who have dense breasts, are in the high risk category, and who find MRI uncomfortably claustrophobic.


WDI offers genetic testing and counselling to patients with a strong family history of cancer. Take our hereditary cancer quiz to determine if you should consider genetic testing.


We use DEXA bone densitometry to look for bone loss that could lead to osteoporosis. Additional DEXA Total Body Fat Composition Analysis software examines muscle to fat ratio and aids in developing targeted nutrition and exercise programs.