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Genetic mutations are hereditary and significantly increase the risk of family members developing some types of breast and ovarian cancer in their lifetimes.  Sequencing mutations in the BRACA 1 and 2 genes were the first to be identified; however research has identified mutations in many more genes that are implicated in cancer.


WDI offers screening, counseling and testing to diagnose Hereditary Cancer Syndromes for women with a family or personal history of breast, ovarian, colon, pancreatic, thyroid, gynecologic and uterine cancers.  A simple saliva or blood sample can determine whether a patient has these mutations so that proactive steps can be taken to reduce her and her family’s cancer risk, or prevent cancer from developing. WDI works with Myriad and Ambry Genetics who offer testing with a broad range of multi-gene cancer panels.


Consider genetic testing if you have any of these risk factors:


  • Breast cancer diagnosed before age 50

  • Two breast cancers in one breast (ipsilateral) or one in each breast (bilateral)

  • A family history of early breast, ovarian, colorectal, endometrial, prostate or pancreatic cancer

  • A family history of male breast cancer

  • Personal or family history of ovarian cancer

  • Ashkenazi (East European) Jewish heritage

Advances in Genetic Screening


Have you been tested for BRCA1 and BRAC2 mutations in the past, and the results were negative? Research has uncovered new genetic mutations that raise the risk of breast, ovarian, colon, pancreatic, uterine, and thyroid cancers. and gynecologic cancers. A screening study of cancer patients by Ambry Genetics found that out of the first 10,000 patients evaluated, half had mutations in genes other than BRCA.


Consider screening with a new multi-gene panel if you have a strong family history of cancer but tested negative for the BRCA genes. Ambry Genetics, one of the companies we work with, uses multi-gene panels such as CancerNext to test for mutations in over 30 genes associated with greater risk for several cancers including breast, gastric, ovarian and colorectal. The new saliva tests make the process simple and painless. WDI will guide you towards the most appropriate tests and counsel you on the results.


If you have tested negative for BRCA mutations, but have the conditions on the following chart, you are a candidate for rescreening:

















For a more detailed analysis of your family history, take this hereditary cancer quiz.

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