Total Body Fat

Composition Analysis

DEXA Total Body Fat Composition Analysis uses DEXA technology with specialized software to measures the percentage of lean muscle, fat tissue mass, bone mineral density, and bone mineral content in the body and specific regions, such as trunk, arms, legs, and pelvis. It is much more accurate than measuring Body Mass Index (BMI). Knowing the ratio of fat to lean body mass helps patients determine how to reshape their bodies correctly. For example, if a patient weighs 150 lbs. with 10 percent fat, the body consists of 15 lbs. of fat and 135 lbs. of lean body mass. With these measurements, a patient knows precisely how much fat she can lose.


DEXA analysis also shows patients the specific regions where they have to make changes. Patients receive a report showing a graphic visual image with their body outline and type. The report can be a wake-up call that motivates them into action. Subsequent DEXA studies measure how successfully patients are making the necessary changes.


The procedure for Total Body Composition Analysis is the same as for an osteoporosis exam – both can be done simultaneously. For the body fat analysis, the software measures bone and soft tissue mass from the scanner passing over the patient. The exam shows the exact fat distribution throughout the body.

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